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Quick Update on Glamour Girls Strippers Agency

We’ve recently hired new Strippers in Mississauga. If you are local and you are looking for an Strippers or companion for this month, feel free to contact us as we have recently hired new girls.

Joining Glamour Girls

If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to contact us.

New blonde Exotic Dancers

Blonde escort

Gentlemen, meet Veronica.

The night may be getting colder, but the girls are getting a lot hotter.

Today we are excited to have a couple new girls start. Meet Veronica, Roxanne, and Ophelia. These are blondes who have much more then good attitude.

They are relatively new to the industry and need someone who can show them the ropes. If you are interested in booking these fine Exotic Dancers in Mississauga, then contact us.

What’s so unique about these beautiful girls?

Each of them have a special move. Veronica’s special move is called: “ride the cowboy.” Roxanne is called: “the lips make fire.” And Ophelia special move is: “dominatrix on the edge.”

How much do they cost?

Each girl varies. It will depend on your location.

Are you looking to hire more blonde Exotic Dancers?

Absolutely. We are always looking for new girls. We have been in business for over 30 years. A lot of our girls stay with us because of our reputation and credibility.

Before using an escort make sure you:

  • Make sure you hygienic. That means showered, and a little bit trimmed ‘down there.’ This is only if you want a special surprise.
  • Make sure you pick up your phone when the driver calls you.
  • Make sure you are not drunk.
  • Treat the girl with respect.
  • Have the money ready.
  • Offer a small gift, drink, or snack to the escort when she arrives


mississauga escorts

Roxanne likes things rough.

Escort Ophelia

Ophelia is a bit more shy then the rest of the escorts.






New Exotic Dancers in Oakville

We have recently hired two new Oakville Exotic Dancers.  Both girls were selected after a handful of auditions. We are really excited to have them part of our team. They will currently be servicing the Oakville region. If you are interested in contacting them, let us know via email.

Meet Sasha and Alyssa

Sasha is a beautiful brunette that is born and raised in Canada. She has a personality that would make you laugh. Her most appealing feature is her round and bubble but. She is very open minded and friendly. She is 5`5 and 128lbs with a 36C-24 cup. She is 24 years old. Gentlemen when you meet her you will not be able to forget her.

Oakville Escorts

Beautiful and charming

Alyssa is a blonde that is from Russia. She has an attractive accent that will make you keep coming back for more. She is 5`4 and only 115lbs. If you have ever dreamed of being with a woman whose physique is “mind blowing,” then this is your girl. Stay tune for more pictures on Alyssa.


The best way to treat Sasha and Alyssa

A lot gentlemen ask us: “What’s the best way to treat these beautiful escorts?” According to Sasha, she would like a glass of red wine before she does her exotic dance. Alyssa, on the other hand, she likes a small gift – like lotions and perfume.

How do I book these Exotic Dancers?

Sasha and Alyssa are very hard to book because of their busy schedule. Be sure to contact us if you are interested.